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Phuket Travel Guide

Thanks for visiting the Thailand Travel Hub, here you can discover the tropical island of Phuket, located of the west coast of Thailand in the Andaman Sea. Here you can discover some of the best places to go on the island, top things to do, best hotels and resorts and a whole lot more.

An Introduction To Phuket

The largest of Thailand’s islands and a hotbed for luxury travel – with beautiful 5-star hotels, absolutely stunning white sand beaches, a nightlife scene that transcends everything you might have heard about Patong and some fantastic chances for island-hopping. To top it off, the capital Phuket Town is one of Thailand’s prettiest and most charming towns – with rows of brightly coloured houses and Sino-Portuguese mansions – but few travellers pull themselves far enough from the beaches to see it.

Phuket is luxurious and idyllic, highly explorable and so very difficult to leave.

Phuket faces west to the beautiful azure of the Andaman Sea in Southern Thailand. There’s a road connection to the island via two short road bridges that shoot from the mainland in the Phang Nga Provence, as well as an airport on the north of the island, as well as speedboat transfers from Ko Hae, Ko Phi Phi and Krabi.

Phuket has a slightly awkward reputation – on one side it’s home to Patong Town – the raucous capital of sin and sex, while on the other its Thailand’s number one luxury destination – with more than enough 5-star luxuriousness to last a lifetime. Then you have the language mistakes that far too many Girly Bar-enamoured old men make (just remember that the H in Phuket is silent – you’re going to Poo-ket not to ****-**), the confused backpackers in shock at the high prices, and then of course the tourist traps – which are too numerous to list. But the island’s immense size means that you can pretty much avoid whichever of these you find the most disagreeable – or even drop off the radar entirely to the rainforests and inland hills, explore the islands of Phang Nga Bay (do not go to James Bond Island if you want to avoid people) or simply laze on a beach all day sipping cocktails.

There are some truly stunning beaches in Phuket. In Kata for example there’s the gorgeous Kata Noi, which retains a slightly rustic ambience with far less crowds than its lively neighbour Kata Beach, while in Surin, you’ll find the curvaceous Laem Singh Beach – which is surrounded by thick rickets of forest and the most beautiful aquamarine waters. Scenic Nai Thon Beach is one of our favourites though. A part of the Sirinath National Park – meaning that in terms of development, it’s been almost entirely left alone. Kamala Beach is another pretty beach that has retained some of its original charm and has a lovely fishing village attached to it with a few restaurants and bars. Stick to the north side of the beach if you want to avoid the crowds. The more popular beaches include Freedom Beach in Patong, Karon Bach and the once secret Banana Beach – which despite efforts to keep it cloaked in mystery is now a constant on the tourist trail.

There’s a good amount of temples on Phuket but some of the most ornate are Khao Rang Read on Khao Rang Hill in Phuket Town and Wat Chalong, which sits about 10KM outside of Phuket Town and holds amongst its many temples and artefacts a bone fragment from the Buddha. When the sun sets, Phuket nightlife bursts into action – from Bangla Road and it’s bazillion bars and clubs through to the island’s vast collection of sunset bars that straddle the hillsides and resorts on every shore of the island. There are also some genuinely fantastic restaurants in Phuket – so don’t be tempted to avoid the more expensive options – such as the stylish Siam Supper Club in the Cherngtalay district or the wonderful Blue Elephant in the Muang District, which serves up creative and delicious seafood dishes in the opulent surrounds of a former governor’s mansion.

Keep reading to explore some of the top places to go, things to do and some of the top accommodation options that Phuket has to offer.

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