Chiang Mai Historical Centre

Another relatively new museum, this centre takes the visitor back thousands of years to the prehistoric settlements which were once in the area, and gives a brief description of each individual era before focusing more heavily on the city’s recent history. The interior of the building is beautiful, with hardwood floors and stones sculptures dotted around, with a surprise in the basement.

What to See and Expect

The wooden building housing the centre, despite being a recent construction, is in the traditional Lanna style and includes a well-kept garden area with a beautiful Thai shrine. Inside the building are a number of interactive displays and exhibits to help visitors understand more about the rich history of Thailand’s second city. Incredibly, as the building was being built, they uncovered the ruins of an ancient temple complex, these were incorporated into the exhibition itself and can be seen on display in the basement.

How to Get There

The centre is located a stone’s throw from the Chiang Mai City Arts & Culture Centre and the Lanna Folklife Museum, on the Prapokklao Road in the centre of the old city. To get there in a taxi or tuk-tuk, the easiest way is to ask for the three kings monument (sam kasat). It is fairly central within the moated part of the city so you may be able to walk there depending on where you are staying.

Admission Fee and Opening Times

The centre is open every day except Monday, from 8:30am to 5:00pm. The admission fee is 90 Baht ($2.90) for adults, and 40 Baht ($1.30) for children. It’s worth noting that if you are going to also visit the two other museums on the site, you can get one ticket to visit all three for only 180 Baht ($5.85) for adults and 80 Baht ($2.60) for children, which is valid for one week.

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