Pa La-U Waterfall

Pa La-U is a 16 stage waterfall, one of the highest in the country, set in the delightful natural surroundings of Thailand’s biggest, and arguably best, national park. The jungle inside the park is over a thousand years old and home to all kinds of wildlife, it is not only an incredibly relaxing spot, but a great place to get some stunning photos to take home with you, not to be missed for anyone spending time in Hua Hin.

What to See and Expect

The waterfall itself is situated in the Kaeng Krachan National Park, which is approximately 60km from Hua Hin. As mentioned, the waterfall consists of many distinct sections, the third of which is a large lagoon suitable for paddling. The water is incredibly clear and full of small fish which will nibble on your feet as you walk through the water, it’s a very beautiful and serene place without too many visitors, as long as you go at the right time.

It should be noted that trying to ascend past the lagoon becomes increasing more difficult and technical, and to some degree requires you to climb over boulders, so do not attempt this unless you are experienced and confident, as the rocks can be wet and slippery. In fact, the Thai authorities no longer allow visitors to ascend past the fifth section, due to several accidents, and the trail now stops there. You can see tropical birds, small monkeys and even wild elephants in the area surrounding the falls.

How to Get There

The national park is around 60km west of Hua Hin. It should be noted that it is actually a very scenic and enjoyable drive, if you are able to hire a car or motorcycle it would be a nice trip. Or, as usual, you could certainly get there via taxi, tuk-tuk or minibus, but there aren’t many taxi drivers at the park, so try and arrange a return trip whilst the driver waits for you, they will usually do this for no extra charge if you negotiate in advance.

Opening Times and Admission Prices

The national park containing the waterfall is open daily from 6am to 6pm, it is advisable to arrive early in the morning on a weekday to avoid busy periods. Admission to the park costs 400 Baht ($13) per person. There is no dress code, but please remember that nudity (or even toplessness for women) is very disrespectful in Thailand, even if swimming.

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