Patong Boxing Stadium

While in Phuket you’ll have the opportunity to see a unique martial arts sport which originated in Thailand during the 18th century. This extraordinary action-packed sport is called the Muay Thai Boxing.  In the bustling city of Patong, you can see an original intense Muay Thai Kickboxing fight at the famous Patong Boxing Stadium.

The Muay Thai Boxing game looks like normal American kickboxing where boxers fight inside the ring wearing boxing gloves. In fact, there is a vast difference in fighting techniques. In normal kickboxing its only punches and kicks but in Muay Thai it’s fighting with elbows, knees, shins and feet. Basically, it’s a four-point striking system in comparison with the eight-point striking system. Muay Thai Kickboxing, therefore, remains more challenging and harder to master. There are five rounds each played for three minutes during a typical Muay Thai Match.

Once you step inside the stadium you find electrifying crowd eagerly waiting to see the fighters on the stage. The stadium has a good layout and sitting arrangements capable to accommodate around 350 visitors. On the big screen, you can see the ongoing fight between the Muay Thai Boxers. The game starts around 9pm where young Muay Thai boxers take up the initial challenges, then the senior Muay Thai fighters enter the boxing ring to light up the crowd with more intense fighting.

The game is so popular that many tourists stay months at a time in training camps learning the art of Muay Thai. If you are interested to learn the extraordinary art of Muay Thai, why not enrol for the Patong stadium gym training program. There are daily, weekly and monthly schedules for you to choose according to your convenience.

How to get to the Patong Boxing Stadium

The Patong Boxing stadium is conveniently located at 59 Sainamyen Road, not too far from Patong Beach. From Bangla Road, it is roughly a 10 minute taxi ride or a 20 minute walk to get to the stadium.  To view the exact stadium location, maps and directions, click on the Maps and Directions tab above.

Opening Times and Tickets

Muay Thai fights are organized at the Patong Boxing Stadium every Monday, Thursday and Saturday night. Starting from 9pm in the evening until late at night. The seats are arranged in three categories like the regular, ringside and VIP. To get more information about the tickets and early bird discount offers, see here.

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