Phu Chi Fa

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If you are planning a trip to Thailand, you might consider visiting the Chiang Rai Province, which has many local attractions and places of natural beauty. One of Chiang Rai’s most beautiful and magical places is Phu Chi Fa, a mountainous area within the national forest park. Phu Chi Fa is part of a mountain range near the Laos border and is also one of the highest peaks in the Chiang Rai Province, standing at 1,442 metres. Loosely translated from Thai, Phu Chi Fa means ‘the mountain pointing to the sky’ which gives you an idea of the shape! It is often surrounded by mist during the colder months.

What makes Phu Chi Fa such a special & popular place to visit

Everyone who visits Phu Chi Fa remarks on the stunning sunrises and peaceful sunsets. It is simply magical to watch the sun rise or set over the mountain range in the distance, an example of extraordinary natural beauty. What makes Phu Chi Fa so special is the so-called ‘sea of mist’ when the sun appears to rise out of a bank of mist until it sits high in the sky. Be warned, however, Phu Chi Fa can be very cold so, if you visit, make sure to wear warm clothes and bring a couple of extra layers!

How to get to Phu Chi Fa

It may be a bit of a trek, but don’t let that put you off as it will be worth it! From Chiang Rai, Phu Chi Fa is around three hours drive. There are vans that will take you up to the mountain and back again, and you can choose to stay either in a local accommodation or take your own camping gear. When it comes to walking up the mountain, the trail is clear and not too difficult.

Best time to visit Phu Chi Fa

Most people go to see the sunset, stay overnight and then go back up for the sunset the following morning. For sunset, go to the very top of the peak for the best views. For sunrise, stay around 100 metres down from the top of the peak and to the right. That will ensure that you get the very best views of the sun slowly rising or setting from what can be imagined as the very ends of the earth. Phu Chi Fa is a popular tourist spot so make sure you get there early to bag a good viewing spot.

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