12Go Asia Review: Train, Bus, Ferry & Flight Booking Service

12go Asia Booking ServiceLet’s face it, most people are left feeling uncertain when it comes to booking transport in Asia and this is certainly the case when you travel to places like Thailand, Malaysia or the Philippines for the first time.

It’s true, the language barrier can complicate the process but an outdated ticketing system does little to help travelers feel confident about booking a train, bus, taxi, ferry or plane in these far-flung destinations.

But what does this mean exactly?

It means that booking transportation in this part of the world is often unreliable and a source of frustration at the very least. However, there is now a solution to this issue, a simple ticketing system that can help you book these trains, ferries, planes and automobiles without having to worry.

12Go Asia: How It Works and Why You Might Need It

12Go Asia is an online travel service that enables you to compare pricing and book trains, buses, flights and other travel inventory in Asia. More specifically, this global travel company has more than one hundred representatives across ten countries to manage and operate this multi-modal ticketing system.

As for the process, 12Go Asia allows you to book transportation ahead of time and remove the uncertainty that often infringes ticketing systems in Asia. You see, booking bus tickets or similar services in Asia is often a frustrating or unreliable task. For example, you most often need to visit the actual train station in person to book or collect tickets but 12Go Asia will take care of this for you. What’s more, this platform enables you to book, check or confirm the status of tickets from any desktop or mobile device.

12go online booking search

Transport Types and Major Routes on 12Go Asia

You will find every mode of transport available on 12Go Asia, from trains and flights to ferries, buses and even car rental. As you may know, ferries and buses are most suited to budget travelers but the platform also enables you to compare these prices and pick the best value option for reaching your chosen destination.

It’s also possible to combine these options and create an affordable travel itinerary for your trip. With this in mind, here are just a few of the most popular routes that you will find on the platform:

Train Ticket – Bangkok-Chiang Mai / Chiang Mai- Bangkok

Ferry Ticket – Koh Samui- Koh Phi Phi

Bus Ticket – Chiang Mai- Luang Prabang

Flight Ticket – Bangkok – Koh Tao

Bus Ticket – Bangkok- Pattaya

Bus & Ferry Ticket Combo – Bangkok- Krabi

Note – 12Go Asia services many countries in Asia and this is just a quick example of the most popular routes for travel services in Thailand.

12go asia major routes

Picking Up & Printing Tickets

After making your payment, 12Go Asia will issue a PDF voucher by email and proceed with your reservation. While the process is always straightforward, every circumstance is slightly different.

For example, when booking train tickets in Thailand, it’s necessary for someone to book and collect these tickets at the relevant train station. With this in mind, 12Go Asia will collect your train tickets and send immediate confirmation as soon as they have this ticket in-hand and ready for collection at their office.

Just so you know, 12Go Asia have many offices which means that you can always choose a convenient collection point. At the same time, it’s also possible for these tickets to be sent to you via post.

About the Cancellation Policy on 12Go Asia

You should always check the cancellation policy for each operator. While some offer refunds within a certain time-frame, many fees are non-refundable and subject to a cancellation fee at the very least.

In case you might be asking yourself, it’s common for travel operators to charge up to 50% of the ticket for cancellations and online booking fees are non-refundable.

Benefits of Booking with 12Go

12Go Asia work with multiple travel and transportation operators through Asia to give you easy access to every option available. But that’s just part of the story…

Mobile Ready – 12Go Asia is fully mobile and plans can be checked, changed and confirmed in the palm of your hand. In fact, according to recent studies, most bookings are made on mobile devices.

Seat Selection and Comfort – You can choose the best seats with 12Go Asia. In other words, no more sitting over the wheel of the bus of stuck in the top bunk of a crowded train to Chiang Mai.

Peace of Mind – You can rely on 12Go Asia. With more than 2 million bookings, the website has a reputation for getting the job done and helping you avoid queues, stress and waiting around.

Improved Efficiency – 12Go deploys more than one hundred agents in ten different countries to ensure the highest level of service and efficiency for your journey through Asia.

Comparison Tools – While you can also book flights on the platform, the ability to compare the price of trains, buses, ferries etc is a great way to travel Asia for less.

Cost vs. Value – While luggage fees will often increase the cost of airfare, your luggage is included with almost every other mode of transport in Asia. Needless to say, booking bus tickets and other types of transport is far more affordable and contrary to popular belief, a lot more comfortable too!

Final Thoughts

As you can see, 12Go Asia is on a mission to simplify the ticketing system for transportation in Asia. With millions of satisfied customers and an impressive online reputation, this is also a highly reliable way to book travel services around Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and elsewhere in Asia. While 12Go Asia request a small commission for the service, this fee is minor and most certainly worth it for convenience alone.

Either way, whether traveling to Asia for the first time or not, 12Go Asia is the best and most hassle-free option for booking train tickets, bus tickets, ferry tickets or any other transportation where you plan to travel in Asia.

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12Go Asia Review

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